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3 years ago
Marketplace currently doesn't have a means to select the language, just a URL parameter, so that means users can't effectively change the language if they wanted to.

The language choice should also persist across sessions and if the user is logged into her Firefox account, to persist based on that too.

This is of critical importance for those countries (like Romania) where people tend to run pirated versions of Windows, which tend to have an English language locale. Merely querying the locale does not help in determining a user's language.

The logic should be this: query the system locale, if it's non-English, then just stop there. If it's English, then query the user's location and present them with one language version, with a prominent option to change the language. Optionally: if the user is located in a multi-ethnic region or town, present them with 2 prominent language choices and an additional menu to make another choice.

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3 years ago
Related bug was apparently filed by flod earlier, here is the link:

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3 years ago
Sorry for the 'critical' status of the bug, I was not aware it could be paging people out of bed. Changed that back to 'normal'.
Severity: critical → normal
(In reply to Jobava from comment #2)
> Sorry for the 'critical' status of the bug, I was not aware it could be
> paging people out of bed. Changed that back to 'normal'.

It happens in some components, especially IT related, but in general it screws up searches and priorities, so better to leave that decision to the product owners.

Having said that, I totally agree. I don't get why I can't switch to a different language, even while browsing and not logged in.
i want to work on this bug
(In reply to Rajdeep Kaur from comment #4)
> i want to work on this bug

It's not ready to be worked on.  It could be a wontfix bug -- the decision not to put the languages on the page was made deliberately.  I'll mark as uiwanted and see if the reasoning has changed.  Thanks all.
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3 years ago
Because FxOS are now death project....
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

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3 years ago
Marketplace will continue until at least 2017, so I am reopening this one.
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
The way it works currently (for the app on FxOS, the site on FxOS, and the site on desktop) is that it uses the language settings of your browser. This means that accessing Marketplace on FxOS (via the app or the browser) will respect the user's set preference (the FxOS language preference setting); similarly, accessing the site on a desktop browser will use the language preference setting of your desktop browser. (The URL parameter is just an easy override.)

Having the marketplace be smarter than that is not going to happen once we're in maintenance mode, as we will be constrained to P1 critical fixes, so unfortunately I have to close this enhancement request as wontfix, because it solves an edge case that is already handled by respecting the user's preference setting.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Last Resolved: 3 years ago3 years ago
Priority: -- → P4
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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