AutoGCRooter roots get traced multiple times




3 years ago
3 years ago


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I noticed this while I was debugging a pointer that wasn't being updated properly. I was logging every time my AutoGCRooter subclass's trace method was called and it was called tens of times for a single gc (I was using trc->runtime()->gc.gcNumber() to determine that it was the same gc).

The test case I was debugging was js/src/jit-test/tests/debug/Memory-takeCensus-09.js and I was using zeal 14. The AutoGCRooter subclass was

I know AutoGCRooter is on its way out, being replaced with JS::Traceable and Rooted, but if we are unnecessarily tracing the same things multiple times, I figured y'all would want to investigate.
Thanks for the report!

For a compacting GC we mark the roots once per zone we compact because there's no way of marking the roots in a particular zone only.

This is not ideal, but also it's not the most costly part of compacting either.
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