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Crash when adding a contact in Firefox Hello with debug build


(Core :: Storage: IndexedDB, defect, P1)




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firefox43 --- fixed


(Reporter: mikedeboer, Assigned: khuey)




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 - Open NightlyDebug from the console (I'm on OSX, currently)
 - Open Firefox Hello by clicking the toolbar icon and make sure you're logged in with your Firefox Account
 - Go to the Contacts tab inside the Hello panel and click the 'New Contact' button.
 - Fill in the 'Name' and 'Email' fields (I used 'Test' and '' respectively)
 - Hit the 'Add Contact' button...

BOOM! (see crash signature field for more info).
This is also happens when I follow these STR with a *blank* profile:

 - Follow steps 1 - 3 of the STR mentioned in comment 0.
 - Click the 'Use Profile Icons' button.
Crashes in mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime::RunInMetastableState, and indexedDB-related. Either way you slice it, it's probably for Kyle.
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FWIW, I reproduced this by modifying the testcase in bug 1170484 slightly to stash the mutation event in a property 'm' on the window, and then accessing m.length in the web console afterwards.
Can someone attach a soccorro report (or gdb backtrace) so I can see the stack in a useful manner?  I need a stack that goes all the way to XRE_main.
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Attached file stack.txt
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(This was in a non-e10s window of an e10s instance. Happened for e10s too, but I figured the non-e10s case would be easier to look at)
Thanks.  This is interesting, it looks like the Mac native event loop works differently than the other platforms.  I may have to relax the assertion.
Assignee: nobody → khuey
Crash Signature: Assertion failure: data.mRecursionDepth > mBaseRecursionDepth, at /Users/mikedeboer/Projects/fx-team/xpcom/base/CycleCollectedJSRuntime.cpp:1141 #01: mozilla::dom::indexedDB::IDBDatabase::Transaction(mozilla::dom::StringOrStringSequence const&, mozilla::…
Since mac can execute events from outside nsThread, I just removed the assertion on mac.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla43
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