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Steps to reproduce:

In any lightweight themes designer's collection follow the number of themes which drop to 
zero users; early in 2015 I noticed this never happens.

This appears to have started during the change in gathering user statistics which began last 
October and ended with lightweight themes in December.

The table attached contains counts at intervals during the last 5 months. The 
numbers are in pages, so multiply by 30 for actual counts.

The number with 0 users has steadily declined, in both absolute terms and 
in percentage of total Personas.

It appears that only actual pings have an effect, so that if there is one user it
will post, but if there are no users there is no update.  This cannot be proved
by gathering more statistics, but someone who can look at the programs 
should be able to determine if it is true.

Actual results:

See above, no zero counts except those which never had even 1 user.

Expected results:

In the past it was common over time for themes to drop to zero users.

Comment 1

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Previous bug 1107648
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Version: 40 Branch → unspecified


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Comment 2

2 years ago
1) The recent change whereby user counts are not shown in
the gallery renders this problem moot. (The analysis could
be made by going to the large images, but would require an
excessive amount of time for no good purpose.)

As far as I am concerned it should be WONTFIXed.

2) Sometime early in March the developer dashboard graph
and daily stats started showing counts dropping to zero, 
which allows developer’s to determine which have no users.

Paragraph 2 is just for documentation.
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