Re-opening an add-on page from the history might show desktop installation screen




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See attached screenshot. The (old?) add-on installation screen of the desktop version is shown in the mobile version.

0. This is a bit tricky to reproduce. If you get the hang of it then you can reproduce it almost every time.
1. Go to an add-on page on AMO (I used the Wikipedia Panel)
2. Click on "Add to Firefox". The "Dowloading add-on" toast appears.
3. Quickly go to the tab switcher and swipe the tab away BEFORE the installation dialog appears (Maybe large add-ons are better for reproducing?)
4. The installation dialog will appear anyways but the page is already closed.
5. Click on "INSTALL"
6. Now go to your history panel and click on the add-on page again

Expected result:
The add-on website should be shown.

Actual result:
Some old desktop installation confirmation screen is shown (See attached screenshot).

Additional information:
* For reproducing it seems to be important that the add-on installation dialog is shown when the tab is already closed.
* Even though we clicked on "INSTALL" in the dialog the add-on is not installed.

Comment 1

3 years ago
This is a screencast showing how this can be reproduced:

It is worth noting that after you've run into this issue all next page loads will just render a white page with this add-on installation confirmation screen peeking through when you try to scroll (watch the end of the video). Totally weird.

Comment 2

3 years ago
Created attachment 8649954 [details]

Was able to reproduce this issue, attaching logs

Comment 3

3 years ago
We are probably not overriding something properly in here:
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