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Steps to reproduce:

For the last few days, on a variety of websites, some of the text is not visible.  This is Firefox version 40.0.2. The error is random.

Actual results:

I visit a webpage or look at an email formatted in HTML and the text is rendered in a way that randoms letters do not appear.    The text can be any letter in any word.  In the attached image only two letters appear in the product name, "Men's Bogey Windshirt."    

Expected results:

More than two letters appear in the product name, "Men's Bogey Windshirt."

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2 years ago
Did you test with a fresh profile?
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2 years ago
Yes, I tried a new profile.  Same issue.  Is there some setting -- browser or otherwise -- that might block CSS.  Could stylesheet data created by scripts be blocked some place.    

Today I was on Paypal and much of the text did not display in Firefox, Explorer and Chrome.         

It is getting tough to get things done.
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Comment 3

2 years ago
At top of the screen the Paypal Buttons show Log n and Sign p .  If I Copy and paste into Notepad it shows Log In and Sign Up.  Weird.

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2 years ago
Could you type about:support in the location bar and copy here the section "graphics", please.
The problem happens in multiple browsers?
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Comment 6

2 years ago
Yes, the issue happened Firefox, IE and Chrome but not Opera.  I found a suggestion elsewhere that indicated that if you have several variants of some fonts, Helevetica in my case, that they can conflict and cause browser issues.    

In my case it was an oblique variant that Windows considered a system file.  Windows doesn't make it easy to work with those.  The moment I deleted that file with a program called Nexus Font everything cleared up.
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