Suppress mercurial-setup check for hazard analysis builds

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When running the hazard analysis locally in developer mode, the build will bomb out saying that you need to run mercurial-setup, even if you already have.
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Suppress mercurial-setup check for hazard analysis builds

gps - giving you review to give you a chance to object to my usage of I_PREFER_A_SUBOPTIMAL_MERCURIAL_EXPERIENCE. Specifically, this patch is *NOT* just a way to avoid running mercurial-setup. The problem is that the hazard builds use |mach build| to do the compilation (which maybe is a bad idea but I kind of like using it to test mach in automation), but they set the state directory to a subdirectory of the 'work' directory. That is mostly because I had plans to dump out the performance statistics that mach tracks automatically, and because I didn't want these builds to interfere with a developer's manually request build state.

Unfortunately, mach stores the token that indicates whether mercurial-setup has been run in the state dir. One fix would be to store that token in a user's .hgrc, but I guess that would require updating that file even if the user rejected all automated changes, so that's probably not a good idea. Also, it would defeat the state isolation I was trying to achieve in the first place.

Anyway, if usage of this variable bothers you, I could switch to redirecting stdin from /dev/null when invoking mach or something. That's about equally hacky to me.
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Suppress mercurial-setup check for hazard analysis builds

Review of attachment 8650134 [details] [diff] [review]:

Setting stdin to os.devnull is probably the proper approach. But that is likely an invasive patch. This one is easy.
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