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2 years ago
Bug 1195538 is about adding delayed publishing after review and approval to KB articles. This interacts with the way that new revisions are created, how the history is presented, and how localizers work with articles.

This sounds really complex to me, and I'd like to take some time to plan it out. This bug covers coming up with a design of how to implement this feature in the KB, break it into reasonable sized bugs and estimate each bug.

I'd like to allocate 2 points to working on this.
Hmm. Seems to be critical!
So I think this should be done as following:

From the article creator end:
# A person create an article. While creating article he check out a box something like "Don't Publish the article
# When he press submit the article for review, a pop up will come asking "Publishing Date: xx/xx/xxxx"
# He will choose the date and submit the article!

From the reviewer end:
# The reviewer can review this as usual. But while accepting the review, he will be showed "This Article will not Publish at "xx/xx/xxxx"

From the user end:
# If any user tries to visit the article, He will see "This article is not ready yet" or something like that! 

How this can be done from the Dev End (Possibilities, not sure):
# Create a subclass in document model named "publishing_date" like we do for revision ("is ready for localization")
# Change some in views like "if document.publish_date:" then write codes to not show the document contents
# Change in the templates to show the message and publication dayys etc. 

What do you think mythmon?
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2 years ago
The author and reviewer workflows are already defined in bug 1195538. I don't think we need to talk about them here.

Planning the developer side of this is what this bug is for. I don't think you can summarize it in 5 lines of text. In fact, your small summary leaves out a lot of details which need figured out for this. I don't think you have the depth of knowledge about kitsune to properly design this feature.
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