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[WebSMS] Android backend for createMessageCursor/createThreadCursor


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firefox43 --- affected
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This patch:
- Moves all the WebSMS related native functions to use GeneratedNatives (SmsManager.h/cpp)
- Adapts the existing message list implementation in GeckoSmsManager to implement message cursors instead, and removes the old message list API
- Implements thread cursors

The SMS app successfully reads inbox threads and messages, but everything is read only so far (need to deal with whether we're the default SMS app or not in other bugs).

Missing things:
- widget/android/ is probably not the best place for SmsManager.h/cpp to live. Will move it to dom/mobilemessage/android.
- We start the SmsIoThread in a static code block in, but it looks like that only runs when we first access the SmsManager class, so there's a race between initialization of the IO thread and the first Runnable to be posted. This needs to be fixed.

:snorp, do you see any obvious red flags here?
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Oh, and this probably won't build without MOZ_WEBSMS_BACKEND, but that's just because I was trying to avoid a clobber, it's a trivial fix.
This fixes the race by using a HandlerThread and moves the code to dom/mobilemessage/android.
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…I was running |make update-generated-wrappers| on the wrong objdir :/
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