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Add some non regression tests for mozregression


(Testing :: mozregression, defect)



(firefox43 affected)

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firefox43 --- affected


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The safety net now are the unit tests. They are great, especially for developers but they only validate functions.

We should at least have some non regression tests which validates mozregression behaviour. We can begin with some very few basic cases. But it will be less cases to tests each time we merge a feature. And it will be easier to see major bugs.

The idea of those tests is to launch mozregression with arguments and test files (--persist to speed up the process) and verify its outputs 
(stdout/stderr/exit code).

The hard points I can see are:
- how to pass verdicts to mozregression easily
- how to identify and close any applications mozregression just launched easily

As Julien rightfully pointed out, these points can be addressed by the --command.
These tests will also ease testing for newcomers and is a way to document common use cases for mozregression so I think it is a good idea.
Severity: normal → S3
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