Cursor jumps to next line after pressing Delete key during Email forward



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3 years ago


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Steps to reproduce:

Thunderbird version 38.2.0

1. Select an e-mail from my inbox.
2. Click on Forward button
*** Note: My e-mail option says to convert to Plain Text (not HTML) ***
*** Note: My e-mail option says to forward messages "inline".
*** Note: My e-mail option is to open messages in an existing window.
3. The text of the selected msg will be shown below 3 blank lines and then
-------- Forwarded Message --------
4. (Optional) Place cursor on the 3rd blank line and type AAA.
5. Place cursor on the first blank line and press the Delete key.

Actual results:

The first blank line is deleted (as expected) and the following lines are moved up one position (as expected), but then the cursor is moved down to the new line 2 position (unexpected) instead of remaining on line 1.

Expected results:

The cursor should have remained on line 1, position 1.

If I intended to delete more than 1 line, it would have removed the wrong line or it would have deleted characters from the wrong line. (AAA becomes AA).

This has been happening for years -- long before version 38.2.0.
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