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Dimensions label is displayed incorrectly when image is resized inside contenteditable element with rtl="true"


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Use below code on HTML page
<body dir="rtl" lang="he" contenteditable="true">
	<div><img alt="Sample Image" src="" style="height:182px; width:145px" /></div>
2. Click on the image and resize it.
3. Observe the dimensions label.

Actual results:

The label shows e.g. (x 183 (+8, +10 148

Expected results:

Since the result in LTR mode is  148 x 183 (+8, +10), I would suspect that in RTL mode it should look like (10+ ,8+) 183 x 148

(x 183 (+8, +10 148
Moving to a more appropriate component. Feel free to move back If I am wrong
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I don't think Imagelib is responsible for those captions. I think the Editor code is.
Component: ImageLib → Editor

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