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mozbrowser event.detail lacks details


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This was brought up in that events received don't carry enough information to know if they are related to a current session or previous session. Unfortunately event.detail.url is not enough to make for that either, see quoted comment below:

> I think it's helpful but not a complete solution for the problem, as it won't cover following scenario:

> iframe.src = foo
> iframe.src = bar
> iframe.src = foo
> When you get first event.detail.url it will be equal to iframe.src but it won't > actually mean that document was loaded.

> I think iframe and event.detail would have to carry some other field maybe sessionID or that user would be able to assign to an iframe like: iframe.src = url; iframe.sessionID = ++guid; including sessionID along with an events like event.detail.sessionID would allow an event handler to assess if received event belongs to a current session - page load or not.

> While this is unrelated same iframe.sessionID ideally would also be used to deal with a cache so instead of doing iframe.goBack() one would be able to say iframe.restore(sessionID).

> Maybe iframe.sessionID can be generated automatically if user does not sets it or maybe it's just generated all the time, but I think such a fix would make a lot more sense.
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