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Notifications aren't launching in Logviewer


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It appears that Notifications are no longer working in Logviewer.

It was working correctly last week on stage, when I verified on stage bug 1193216 and bug 1193222.

In the interim it means that neither of those bugfixes are working properly. The partial appears to be missing on stage:

"Error: [$compile:tpload] Failed to load template: partials/main/thNotificationsBox.html (HTTP status: 404 NOT FOUND)
Keywords: regression
Maybe we need to specifically add partials/main/thNotificationsBox.html (only) for logviewer here for grunt similar to what we do for treeherder itself, where we grab everything
Actually, that makes no sense. It worked on stage prior without it.
(In reply to Jonathan French (:jfrench) from comment #2)
> Actually, that makes no sense. It worked on stage prior without it.

Today the Apache configs were adjusted on stage. Prior to that, SERVE_MINIFIED_UI was not set (since we weren't using WhiteNoise officially yet on stage/prod), which meant files served by gunicorn/WhiteNoise were served from `ui/` not `dist/`. Now this basically was a no-op on the most part, since the apache config intercepted most requests and served them from disk, from `dist/` - and no nothing was supposed to be getting as far as WhiteNoise. However the odd URI would have slipped past the old Apache config, including `partials/`, looking at bug 1197799 comment 2.

tl;dr it worked until now on stage due to a bug which meant that the URLs for some of the unminified assets would still resolve on stage/prod, but that has now been fixed in bug 1197799, so we'll need to update the Gruntfile.
Yeah, there's a 404 in the console:

23:33:47.457 GET [HTTP/1.1 404 NOT FOUND 160ms]

With the missing Gruntfile entry added, the grunt build will mean it doesn't try and access the partial directly.
Awesome, thank you for the context Ed :)
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PR 915

Thank you :-)
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And verified fixed on production.
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