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Need a crash rate dashboard for Telemetry crash-pings


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Not set


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A dash for:

The initial use case will be comparing e10s vs non-e10s stability
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Duplicate of this bug: 1219402
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Vladan, do we have a sense of how long this will take? Do you think this will be something that happens in time for 43.0 Beta (Beta 2 = Nov 9).
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Probably not, unless there's a need for it that I'm not aware of? The first version of the e10s perf dashboard in bug 1210649 will be done by next week (chutten already has a prototype)
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I'm going to mark this as WONTFIX because this is covered by the crash analyses (bug 1222890) for now. If there is an actual need for this, please reopen.
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This is up at FWIW. It's not specifically e10s versus non-e10s right now, but that may be a view we create separately for the duration of the e10s split.
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