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add storage to sessions


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bugzilla lacks simple session storage to carry state between requests.
adding this simplifies a few features.
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- adds session_data table for name/value paris
- adds Bugzilla::User::SessionData

as it isn't used yet, here's some sample code for testing:

$user->session->data->set('example', 'hello world');
my $t = $user->session->data->get('example');
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i realised last night that enabling memcached in B::User::Session right now would be problematic, as we don't invalidate those entries when sessions expire.

rather than introduce more scope creep this revision leaves memcached disabled for those objects.
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this solves some problems, but I realize using logincookies as the "session" doesn't help for un-auth'd users. There are some use cases for un-auth'd sessions.

Clearing review per IRC.
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for bug 1199087 it's simpler to bind the required data to tokens rather than sessions, removing from blocker.

this is still useful to do, but is now a lower priority.
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