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Hitting Ctrl-C for stopping firefox_ui_updates script does not sanely shutdown Firefox


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I have seen this today during testing the script. Whenever you hit Ctrl-C while the tests are running, the mozharness script exists immediately and keeps the Firefox instance running. As a result follow-up tests cannot be run because the port for Marionette is still in use.

We have to make sure that we always shutdown the sanely.
I think the problem here lays in mozprocess (ProcessHandler) which uses POpen to start and control processes. Sending the control character Ctrl+C will kill the started process without giving it the time to clean-up internally. If we could make sure that ProcessHandler can delay that a bit and tell the started process to shutdown and clean-up all would be fine. Lemme see if I can find something.
Depends on: 1201871
We are blocked on Marionette here. A ctrl-c in mozharness will cause a SIGTERM/SIGINT for the firefox-ui-update subprocess. That's not handled correctly.
It's actually not a hard-blocker but we should try to get this fixed. I pinged Ted via email again and hope to get a reply from him on the other bug soonish.
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Severity: normal → major
Maybe something has been changed in mozharness base scripts but the problem does no longer occur for me on my Linux and OS X machine. I would close this bug as WFM for now, and keep the option to reopen in case I see it again.
Closed: 7 years ago
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