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Get webRequest to work in b2g WebExtensions


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FxOS-S7 (18Sep)


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Summary: Get webRequest to work on b2g WebExtensions → Get webRequest to work in b2g WebExtensions
Target Milestone: --- → FxOS-S7 (18Sep)
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This patch works for me on devices, but tests are still failing:

The reason of the failures is that in these tests moz-extension: is an alias for a file: uri, but content processes don't have the rights to open file: content for security reasons.

Bill, should I port all the tests to be installed from app: urls, or should we use the JSON support that I saw you added recently?
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I filed bug 1202897 to get WebExtension tests converted to using generated zip files from JSON. Then Fabrice will work on using app: URIs for these zip files. For reference, here's the code where the zip is created:
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Yo Fabrice, is the work needed to get this landed busy work (like fixing up some tests formats) that I can do? If there is something I can do to help get this landed would be happy to
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We are basically blocked by bug 1224703 where we need to figure out why the message manager behaves differently on b2g and desktop e10s. Bill is on it.
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
Closed: 2 years ago
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