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SpiderMonkey does not allow runtimes to be switched between threads


(Core :: JavaScript Engine, defect)

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Steps to reproduce:

When converting our application to SpiderMonkey v31, we noticed that the API functions JS_SetRuntimeThread() and JS_ClearRuntimeThread have been removed. Our application depends on being able to switch a runtime from one thread to another.

We use JavaScript as our script engine in our HTTP server. We use a 
runtime/context to maintain state of a user from one HTTP request to another 
(our concept of a session). This works very well for us to maintain random 
state information and reuse compiled scripts. Obviously sessions can last a 
long time and processing threads will come and go, but we must maintain 

See the discussion entitled "Re: Threading and runtime / context sharing" in the for more details.

Also the development team submitted
Severity: normal → S3
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