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4 years ago
I was trying to add a comment on RB, but ended up not being logged in (presumably because that was my first time since the switch to BZ auth). I was presented with a popup with a link to login, which I clicked. That automatically logged in without asking for anything (thanks BZ cookies), and redirected to https://reviewboard.mozilla.org/dashboard/ instead of the review I was on originally.
The login process is supposed to pass the original URL to Bugzilla and should redirect you back to the original location. I've seen this work.

This particular scenario is slightly special. Trying to leave a comment when not logged in opens up a dialog with a text "log in" link to https://reviewboard.mozilla.org/account/login/. That page will redirect you and the redirect back to MozReview will send you to the dashboard. So the bug is with the text link on the pop-up dialog not containing any "back to" context. This feels like an upstream bug.

It might be possible for us to hack around this by having that dialog redirect you to Bugzilla with an appropriate "back to" URL in the HTTP request.
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Whiteboard: [to be fixed in core]
Ya this is definitely a core bug. I'm unsure if it's worth hacking around ourselves, we might want to just submit an easy patch upstream.
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6 months ago
MozReview is now obsolete. Please use Phabricator instead. Closing this bug.
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