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hgsetup should check and ask for Bugzilla apikey instead of password


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The extension reviewboard currently relies on Bugzilla apikey, and we should also make bzpost use that (bug 1200449). Thus we should replace the prompt for password with that for apikey.

Also it'd probably be better to check that the user is not using the old settings in addition, because they are not safe.
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A good first step would be to rip out the prompt for the password. We can add API key prompting back later. This is a bit sub-optimal, but pushing to MozReview will print a nice error message with instructions if API keys aren't being used. So it's not the end of the world.
Bug 1200461 - Prompt for Bugzilla API Key instead of password; r?smacleod

All extensions in version-control-tools should support Bugzilla API Keys
now. MozReview requires them. We'll likely remove support for passwords
and cookie auth in the future. This commit transitions the Mercurial
setup wizard to API Keys exclusively.
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MozReview Request: Bug 1200461 - Prompt for Bugzilla API Key instead of password; r?smacleod

::: tools/mercurial/hgsetup/
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> +            if bzpass or bzuserid or bzcookie:
> +                c.clear_legacy_bugzilla_credentials()

I don't think we should be so aggressive to just remove the old credentials without prompting (especially since they're techincally supported still).

How about we deploy this with a prompt to remove the credentials (or, remove them if we verify you *do* have the api key).
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