[Open C2] Device will alarm if battery is much lower than 15%



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
[Step to Reproduce]
Let battery much lower than 15%

[Actual Result]
Device will alarm

*Build: W593_USER_0824_EUR
*Open C2 only

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3 years ago
Update STR
1. Let battery much lower than 15%
2. Plug-in USB to charging
3. Remove USB

Dear Fang Chen can you please check this issue? I think it's seriously affecting device usability. Can you please confirm if this is present in final version being manufactured?

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Hi David, I will further check with ZTE. Thank you for reminding.

Thanks !
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I have tested it with W59_USER_0824 build from ZTE EUR bands and I can reproduce the issue.
As soon as the device is under 15% of battery, there is an alarm sound that user will not know the reason (battery icon was in red color since 20%).
I do agree this is weird for end customers. Rachelle, did you get any feedback from ZTE?
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Hi Beatriz,
After further checking with ZTE, the scenario tested fine with the SW build:W595_USER_0824_AMR and HW version:SCX 15. They don't find this issue.

Are you using the same HW and SW version as ZTE provided?
Thank you very much!!
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I am using SW version: W593_USER_0824_EUR and HW version: scx15
Hi Beatriz, ZTE is testing and verifying the issue with the build of US band: 595_user_0824_US and SCX15.

The only difference between "W595_user_0824_US" and "W593_USER_0824_EUR " is about WCDMA band support and the setting of NV items.

We are not sure if band support band ( NV configuration )is really relevant to this bug.
Would you please kindly help us testing on the US build  , such as W595_user_0824_US?

WE are also asking to test the EUR Band build in Peru simultaneously right now.

Thank you very much !! will keep you posted.

Thanks !
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