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Foxfood device stopped being able to connect to WPA2 wifi network



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3 years ago
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1) Obtain foxfood device and connect to home WPA2 wifi network
2) Use device for several weeks over wifi (no SIM inserted), downloading OTAs etc
-> Notice device is not connected to wifi
3) Try turning wifi on and off
-> doesn't help
4) Try going to wifi section and pressing on wifi network name
-> Notice status changing to "obtaining IP address" then back to how it looks when not connected
5) Try restarting home router & then turning wifi on and off on device and pressing the network name in the wifi settings section
-> Finally actually get an error message "The credentials are invalid"
6) Try pressing the network name again
-> This time when it's connecting I get shown the network status page (eg with the network speed / encryption type), and so miss the "obtaining IP address" status message on the previous page (no idea why it's started doing that)
7) Try pressing network name again
-> Except this time the network is now at the bottom of the list, with "not in range"

This is pretty frustrating:
a) Why has the phone suddenly forgotten my wifi network credentials, when they haven't changed? Or alternatively, why have the remembered (and correct) credentials stopped working, when all my other wifi devices work?
b) If it had forgotten the credentials/if they were wrong, then why didn't I get the more helpful error message (the one after step #5) at the start?
c) The "your credentials are invalid" message should actually prompt me to re-enter them rather than helpfully returning me to the list of wifi networks.
d) Pressing the network name (to connect to it) should not intermittently take me to the status page. It should either always do that, or not at all.
e) If my wifi network was in range at one point, it should not suddenly be out of range now. Or if in fact the issue is not "out of range", but "router has blacklisted you for too many bad auth attempts", then we should show the correct status for that.

This is using the foxfood OTA build from 2015-08-16.

I haven't tried using "forget" and entering the WPA2 password again, in case it clears something that would be useful for you to diagnose this.
(In reply to Ed Morley [:emorley] from comment #0)
> 7) Try pressing network name again
> -> Except this time the network is now at the bottom of the list, with "not
> in range"

Looking again now I see there are two networks listed with my SSID - one at the top (which I can press and attempt to connect to, but not succeed) and then one at the bottom that is "not in range".

I should also add that my router broadcasts on 2.4 and 5GHz both on the same SSID.
My foxfood device is just an expensive paperweight at the moment due to this bug (no connectivity at all, since I don't have a nano SIM). Is anyone able to help me debug?
So I do fear you just got hit by bug 1177411. What you can try to revive it is:
 - remove your wifi network configuration via settings

Then you should cleanup DHCP broken files:
> adb root
> adb shell rm -r /data/misc/dhcp/*
> adb shell sync && adb reboot

Hopefully that should fix your issue.
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Alexandre mentioned over IRC that the latest FOTA released in the last day or so would fix this automatically, so I've followed the instructions at https://mana.mozilla.org/wiki/display/PM/How+to+flash+the+FOTA and the problem is now resolved - thanks! :-)
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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