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3 years ago
3 years ago


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3 years ago
In the current "frequencyCap.json", the "target_url" is being used as the key for the frequency cap record. For instance,

    "": {
        "dailyCap": 3,
        "dailyViews": 5,
        "totalCap": 10,
        "totalViews": 5

In the following two cases, it might apply frequency capping to the wrong tiles.

1). Occasionally, people would like to change the images for an existing tile, but reuse the target_url. On the server side, Splice will create a new tile for this change. Ideally, Firefox should count the frequency # from zero for it. In reality, since the target_url remains the same, it will continue to reuse the existing frequency caps, which prevents Firefox from serving this new tile as expected.

2). Another special case is that when a single tile is targeting multiple categories, e.g. technology fans and travel & hotels, again, Splice will create two tiles for the same creatives. However, the current frequency capping scheme will treat them identically by mistake. 

One possible solution is use the tile_id as the key, or use the composite key, e.g. "target_url tile_id".
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