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Translations are great but there are unnecessary translations which a kind of sounds funny. I would have opportunity to suggest to fix or fix them.



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
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Actual results:

Unnecessary translations. 

Expected results:

Some words should be left untranslated since it is better (more friendly) untranslated.

Comment 1

3 years ago
First of all. Thanks for the paying attention to our translation quality.

One quick question, which product of Mozilla ( firefox, forefoxos, firefox for android ) pop your concerns?

Mostly we decide within the team since most of the users would be totally end user ( which means probably she or he wouldn't have strong internet experience like you ). Please understand this and if you are willing to help shape the firefox products in Burmese language, projects are available here.


And a guide to how to start contribution.


Comment 2

3 years ago
And I think you would be kind enough to point out the actual result you are getting there by taking a screenshot or any media that will help us understand your point of view.

Just "Unnecessary translations" wouldn't make us out from our curiosity mind.
Marking as incomplete given the lack of reply. Feel free to file a new bug, but please include more details, and a less vague subject.
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