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16 years ago
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(Reporter: Damian Kramer, Assigned: Alexandru Savulov)



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16 years ago
I have an internal web application that I use, the pages appear to be produced
by asp. Since 0.9.7 I have encountered a bug where just after hitting submit, a
copy of the form appears briefly below the orignal, and any radio buttons that
were selected in the original are blanked out. It appears to be this "version"
of the form thats is sent, as the results page I get show that the radio buttons
I selected were not passed as on.

Looking at the source of the web page shows it to be virtually all script.

I've tried 0.9.7 and three or four nightlies since then, including todays. All
exhibit the same behaviour. 0.9.6 is okay.

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16 years ago

can you provide the page/script sources please?


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16 years ago
Created attachment 65086 [details]
Source to page showing problem

It's a messy file, hope you can make some sense of it. It won't work without
the rest of the pages but you may be able to see something in the source that
causes it. I can try and grab a screenshot when it exhibits the problem,
although it only lasts for a brief moment before the form is submitted and I
get the result.

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16 years ago
well i can try to see if this page submits correctly but i cannot guarantee
anything since i cannot access the application

setting milestone
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16 years ago
I cleaned up the HTML a bit, and noticed two things:

1) The <form> tag contains none of the <input> tags.  This is bad and is
sufficient to break the JavaScript.

2) Mozilla seems to garble the validIDx calls so they look like:
onblur="validIDx(" t1="" )=""
This is at least partially Mozilla's garbling because View->Source looks
different than File->Save Page As...

Other than that, the form seems to "work".  I don't see anything reported in
this bug.

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16 years ago

It doesn't suprise me the source is bad. Unfortunately it's out of my control or
I would have done soemthing about it.

I did a Save Page As. I assumed this was the correct way to do it. I didn't
compare that with View Source.

So, where do we go from here? I realise that you can do very little by just
looking at the source. There is a definate problem here though, and it's
happened somewhere between 0.9.6 and 0.9.7. I'm guessing that something has been
"fixed" that now stops badly behaved code from working.

Is there anything I can do to help? Run a debug version or something?

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16 years ago
well, for the first part, I seriously doubt that Mozilla will assume that form
elements not within a form are actually assigned to a specific form.  So, you
probably won't be able to "fix" this without going to a different asp/cgi, etc.
(or getting the one you have fixed)

for the second part, this might just be Mozilla's saving issues, especially if
you used "Save Page As".  Try out View->Source or save it with a different
browser and see if the #2 issues are still there.

you can test to see if the #1 stuff is your only problem by:
1) fix up the HTML in the locally saved page
2) try to submit the local form
3) report back how that goes.

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16 years ago
Okay, I see what I can do. I'm away from work this week so it'll have to wait a
while. I'll get back to you on this. Thanks guys.

Comment 8

16 years ago
I've just downloaded the latest nightly and the problem has gone. I think you
can close this one down.


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16 years ago
Damian: you can shut this down by changing the status to WORKSFORME

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16 years ago
Okay, done :)
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
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16 years ago
verifying per reporter's coments
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