Need daily stats on FxA signups per day broken down by entrypoint and service



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
FxA's growth has gone through the roof since the new firstrun flow was released that adds FxA to the Firefox firstrun page. Both the Growth and FxA teams would like to run queries to see how many accounts are created per day, broken down by entrypoint and service/client_id.

Ideally, the data would be output as a CSV.

I am happy to write the Heka Lua filter, but will need mentoring through the process.


3 years ago
Whiteboard: [fxgrowth]

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3 years ago
Hi Shane, I'm adding trink as a mentor.

I believe your request is a modest tweak to what we're doing for "account creates by service". Pointers to code involved:

Perhaps the next step is to set up a time to talk to trink. One suggestion is doing a "pair programming" session with him to modify the filter.
Mentor: trink

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3 years ago
I believe Cmore looking for some data by the end of the month. Assigning to Shane based on Katies comments. If that's incorrect (or the timeline is not achievable), please bounce back. Thanks!
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3 years ago
Checking in on this bug... Shane, do you expect to take this on, or should we take it?
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I wonder if much of this is covered by ?

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3 years ago
:kparlante, thanks for asking. I'm going to be out for large portions of the rest of this quarter. If your team could pick up what is not yet covered, that'd be awesome.
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a year ago
I'm closing this as invalid. This data is available in re:dash now that pb has done all the grunt work to make it so.
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