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Open into a private browsing tab from a button on the tab tray


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We will need some UI for starting a private tab vs a normal tab from the tab tray. This bug tracks:

- Integrating the UI for the method of opening a private tab
- Making modifications to the existing normal tab button if needed
- Creating a WKWebView instance that supports data-less browsing
I remember seeing some UI for initial thoughts around what visual cues we want to do for private browsing. Do we have any designs for how we want to open a private tab?
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Flags: needinfo?(randersen)
Blocks: 1202816
No longer blocks: 1202816
Do you have the asset for the goggles?
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Assignee: nobody → sleroux
Got em
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First pass at private browsing UI in the tab tray and managing private/normal tabs.
Attachment #8661952 - Flags: ui-review?(dhenein)
Attachment #8661952 - Flags: review?(bnicholson)
I'm currently working on some tests and ironing out a couple of things if you want to hold off on this but there's probably enough changes in here to start some discussion.
Depends on: 1204492
Comment on attachment 8661952 [details] [review]

Looks good. Nice series of commits!
Attachment #8661952 - Flags: review?(bnicholson) → review+
Fixed up the UI nits with new assets and implemented :dusek's accessibility feedback.
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Eventually this will land.. I swear..

Added two additional commits:

The first resolves an issue :darrin found where the tab count was not updating correctly when opening a private tab. updateTabCount gets called twice and the previous animation doesn't get cancelled which causes the tab button to show the normal tab count in place of the private one.

The second resolves broken tests from that change to the accessibility label for toggling private mode. Also makes sure that we only avoid setting the count if we cancel the animation for updateTabCount, not avoid attaching the accessibility label.
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Closed: 6 years ago
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Verifying as fixed on the current TestFlight build (1104)
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