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2 years ago
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(Reporter: Pike, Assigned: A S Alam)


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2 years ago
Amanpreet, I just went through the diff from 40 to 41, and I find a bunch of issues that I don't think we should ship.

I'm looking at https://l10n-dev-sj.mozilla.org/source/diff/?from=6c5ed1be55fb&to=4efa6240d562&repo=releases%2Fl10n%2Fmozilla-beta%2Fpa-IN.

There's a bunch of things that got untranslated.

I suspect that the devtools conversion to English is intended? That's OK, just want to confirm.

I'm torn on the revert of the accessibility strings, though. Can you detail in the rationale?

There's also just a lot of strings that aren't translated, I'd really wish to push that a bit further.

And then at the very bottom there's some copy and paste error or so for FullScreenDeniedNotFocusedTab

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2 years ago
Hi Pike

I upgraded OS and my setting with Kate make some issues with line wrap. So did lot of coping of whole files, I will work on it this weekend. Will do fix strings (line wrap) and translation % up for Beta.

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2 years ago
Strings are fixed. accessibility, FullScreenDeniedNotFocusedTab, devtools.
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