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As part of the efforts to create a community dashboard, we are gathering info from different countries.

Volunteers working on this need a way to test their django app.

Is it possible to give them quickly access to a stackato-like instance so they can test it?

(Some are running into problems due the lack of proper local machines to test it)

I just don't know where to put this. The only place I can put it is on MoFo's AWS, and I don't want to do that. If the participation team is doing this effort, the participation team (which is part of moco, afaik) should be the one paying, not mofo.

I emailed Pierros on Tuesday to see about getting access to MoCo's DigitalOcean account, and I've gotten no response.
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DigitialOcean account is not an option unfortunately.

Who will be managing the instance? Is it only Django? Could it be dockerized?

We can figure out a way through our AWS account to support this.

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It's just a temporal django instance to allow volunteers to test their app (some of them don't have a proper computer or limited bandwidth)

Safwan can reply other technical questions.
(In reply to Pierros Papadeas [:pierros] from comment #2)
> DigitialOcean account is not an option unfortunately.
> Is it only Django? Could it be dockerized?

Yes. Its only a Django app. You can see it here.
Regarding Docker, I still have not configured it with docker, moreover I have little experience with docker. As its only for testing purpose, I think a VPS that can run a testing server will be enough. Need SSH Access for working remotely and also testing the app while working.
I believe AWS will be enough for this purpose.
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