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Reviewer detection from commit message case-sensitive?


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I pushed a review that had "?ryanvm" at the end:

and got:
unrecognized reviewer: ryanvm

I went to the reviewboard page, clicked edit, typed in 'ryanvm', and it autocompleted to 'RyanVM'.

Is the reviewer detection from commit messages case sensitive?
The initial search here [1] is case-insensitive, but if that returns multiple results, we look for an exact match here [2] which I suspect is case-sensitive. We'd prefer to only do the second search but the first is required to trigger mirroring of Bugzilla users over to MozReview.

If the second search fails to match, we could potentially iterate on the first results and do case insensitive comparisons to find try to find a match.

More fun would be to add an interactive mode where if the reviewer couldn't be identified, we used something like the auto-complete logic in the UI to help someone identify a reviewer, and then rewrite the commit message to have the proper reviewer.

Priority: -- → P4
FWIW, it's the second time this week that someone tags r?felipe and I don't get notified of the review request and just by luck I noticed the issue.
I'm planning to do some work on reviewer flagging anyway, so I'll pick this one up.
Assignee: nobody → dminor
mozreview: make commit syntax for specifying reviewers case-insensitive (bug 1201853) r?smacleod

We have a few users who have capitals in their ircnicks. Bugzilla (and the
MozReview UI) will auto-complete these properly, but using r? in the syntax
fails to do so leading to confusion.

This adds a loop over the results of get_users (which is case insensitive)
first looking for an exact match, and if that fails, a case insensitive match.
The call to get_user is removed, as it is always case sensitive.
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MozReview Request: mozreview: make commit syntax for specifying reviewers case-insensitive (bug 1201853) r?smacleod

I'll steal this review.
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