Update geo system to use GENC list of countries and correct terminology

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The reps portal has a Location field which is split into three parts. One of those parts is called "Country" in the UI. As per the recent decision from Legal and explained in mozilla.governance, this needs to be changed as follows:

a) The top-level categorization needs to be labelled "Country or Region". Mozilla has no opinion on the status or otherwise of any area as a "Country". 

b) The list of countries available to choose needs to be only those in the GENC list, with the names given in the GENC list. See https://github.com/gerv/genc2json for the data.


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Comment 1

11 months ago
I am working on this ticket, https://github.com/mozilla/remo/pull/1446
I made the first part on changing the label.

For the second one I need feedback, actually the repo is not updated since few years and the code is using a json in `remo/lib/product_details_json/regions/en-US.json` (I guess that is using the US version).
Documenting about this set seems that GENC is a modified version of ISO 3166-1 to use on US stuff (https://www.dni.gov/index.php/who-we-are/organizations/ic-cio/ic-cio-related-menus/ic-cio-related-links/ic-technical-specifications/geopolitical-entities-names-and-codes).
For Django already exist a module that implemented a picker for countries on ISO 3166-1, so I think that we can use that and remove the local dependence of this json (https://github.com/SmileyChris/django-countries).
That module implements also Flag so I think that we can use them also to improve the UI.
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Without knowing that part of the code, I'm not sure why we have those files checked into our source control: https://github.com/mozilla/remo/tree/master/lib/product_details_json

As far a I remember, those get downloaded from somewhere anyway if you build the Docker container. The same *should* be happening for production. Daniele, can you verify that the list on the Portal (production) matches the list in https://github.com/mozilla/product-details-json/tree/master/product-details and that it is actually true that it downloads the latest versions?

If so, I guess we could remove https://github.com/mozilla/remo/tree/master/lib/product_details_json completely?
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Comment 3

11 months ago
Checked on the remo github we have an old version infact, we don't have Kosovo in the country list but is available in the product-details-json repo.
So I think that docker is not downloading them (https://github.com/mozilla/remo/commit/59a508653c42f85f89f8c66c11d10b0c0518ad77).

I think that we need to give an high priority on updated this list, maybe we have reps that feel excluded because their country is not available.
We need to evaluate if we want drop the idea of GENC/ISO list, I think hhat mozilla is using this list so is better to use that.

The first things to do can be update that json and later improve the docker script to download automatically but countries seems that are not updated since 2 years so maybe is not so high the priority for this other step.
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Comment 4

11 months ago
Also the updates of countries on that repo is made as I can see monthly but there are no changes so I can confirm that to fix now we can copy that repo in our.
(In reply to Daniele "Mte90" Scasciafratte from comment #4)
> Also the updates of countries on that repo is made as I can see monthly but
> there are no changes so I can confirm that to fix now we can copy that repo
> in our.

Can you create a new bugzilla ticket to figure out why it doesn't work automatically? Then for now I agree we can just update the list in our repo.
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