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Address Book "Print Formats" (e.g., List, Rolodex, Label, Complete, Filter by category, etc.) - like Lotus Organizer


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Address Book "Print Formats" (list, rolodex, label, complete, filter by
category, etc.) - like Lotus Organizer.

It would be useful to be able to select how addresses are printed. There could
be many different uses to the user. Lotus Organizer offers some very useful
output formats for printing addresses (see attached screenshot). This will
become particularly necessary, when the calendar features are integrated. 

Here are some of the formats that should be included:
- Address list (name | email | home phone | ...)  <-- configurable collumns
- Rolodex cards
- labels (definable: any size, any # of rows/collumns)
- Envelope
- Complete Address Card(s) (all info)

Additional options to be included:
- filter by category (friends, work, project-x, area code, etc.)
- sort by ...
- selected (CTRL/SHIFZ+CLICK)
- ... 

PS. Currently, when I select multiple addresses and select PRINT, each address
is printed on a separate page. That is (A) unlikely what the user wants, and (B)
a huge waste of paper.
From here, you select the "layout" (print formats) - see next screenshot...
Here are Lotus Organizer's available "Layouts" (Print Formats) - see dropdown
items in screenshot.

Lotus Orgasnizer does almost everything right (not just in AB printing), and
should be our goal to imitate, then exceed (if that's even possible). One area
of improvement could be if we include the ability to select which collumns we
want in the "List" selection (Organizer doesn't have that - yet).
Keywords: mozilla1.0
please attach output from the print preview button...
Screenshot shows top half of page (reason: filesize & readability). 

All preview screenshots are actually A4 size pages. The bottom half of the
pages have a (configurable) footer with page number and date printed (is
default setting).
No header or footer needed.
only e-mail and phone (no address).
Addresses with "linked" activities:
Here you can see calls I've made to that company (Activity: "Call"), and also
linked-to addresses (Activity: "Contact").
Size and margins definable.

PS. It would be nice to be able to include a default/selectable and
positionable return address.
Displays/prints EVERYTHING in the address book. Excludes blank/empty fields
(e.g., here: "home" address/phone/etc.).
Label sizes, number of rows & collums are all fully configurable, label layouts
are savable/reusable.

Also, start label is definable (to print on partially printed sheets).
My favorite! Very useful for quick reference next to the phone (or PC) :)

Make it better than Organizer:
- Collumn widths should be definable
- Which collumns appear should be selectable
- Optional: Layouts savable (e.g., for next to phone, or next to PC)
Place to define "page size" and "layout" (full page, labels, envelopes, etc.).
Organizer calls this "Layouts" (sorry for the confusion, I called the paper
definition screen "layout" too)
I for one would be really happy if we got "just" (;-) ) the "Full Address Card"
view complete.  Particularly with the ability (per the view) of having the
option of printing the addresses in two columns down the page - using just one
column per page is really wasteful for most address cards.
While I'm not a Lotus user, those views Peter posted are key to making the
address book a winner. The list view, selectable fields and sorting are what
make an address book worth printing. Jeez, I can't believe there was only one
vote on this. Is this issue covered in a different area or bug? 
lovely idea
Ever confirmed: true
Keywords: mozilla1.0
Target Milestone: --- → Future
I just noticed that the ZIP code is backwards for Germany:
--> Frankfurt 60437 should be 60437 Frankfurt

Perhaps Mozilla should recognize the country (have a dropdown list of all
countries) and format the address according to that country's convention.
Keywords: mozilla1.3
mass re-assign.
Assignee: racham → sspitzer
Could we at least sort the cards alphabetically in the short term?
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Palm Desktop also had a 2-column address book print format, similar to the Full Address Card shown here.  We kept printouts in the cars, on the refrigerator, etc.  The current printout format takes up too much space for each entry, making printouts unnecessarily long/bulky.  

I'm actually considering getting Palm Desktop up on my old iBook (OS X 10.4 PPC) for the purpose of printing address books exported from current computers.  (If I do, I'll try to make a mock address book and attach a pdf of the output to this bug.)
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