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2 years ago

- Provide an option to clear private data when the user closes down the browser application  

- A check on the feature terminology should be made (since 'exiting' doesn't really happen these days!)  

**User Stories:**

- As a user, I don't want to have to remember to clear my data on a regular basis so I want a way to clear my private data whenever I close down the browser because that makes me feel more in control of my Web experience.  

**Acceptance Criteria:**

- Users can clear private data when the browser 'closes'  

**Additional Info:**

- The notion of 'exiting the browser' is a fuzzy one these days, so looking for feedback on the right mechanism. Whether this is when a user swipes the app to close or some other intuitive situation.


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As an alternative, can we consider a 'Always open a private browsing tab by default' option? Because that is basically what this feature means I think, turning the browser into a private browser by default.
Also, technically there is no 'closing down the browser application'. Does this means 'when iOS moved the app to the background' or 'when you move away from it' or 'when you hard kill it' ? We cannot always see the difference. But 'closing' is most certainly not a thing on iOS.

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2 years ago
I can understand that argument, and can look into that approach. However from an intuitive user perspective where many understand 'clearing' often more than what PB does, I think we'd get more usage out of 'clear on exit'. It was an explicit request for Android and it's been talked about already on iOS, so I'd rather not try to educate users on another path.

re: the idea of 'closing'. Yes, I know it's an ambiguous definition, even on Android these days. Which is why UX needs to figure out what that could inherently mean to a user (we understand the intent, but figuring out how to translate that to implementation is the tricky bit)

Let us look into it a bit more!
Needs more UX consideration for mobile
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