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Rework tab tray preview dimensions


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The current tabs tray implementation doesn't quite get the preview image dimensions correct.  This bug is to track tweaking the dimens files
So I've taken the approach of splitting everything up in to buckets targeting the smallest width dimension of a given device, this approach is good for all devices on android 14 and over (4.0) - for GB devices we'll have to hard-code the values in the default dimens file.

Personally I don't own a device which is on Android 4+ which is under sw320dp, but just in case I've opted to support as low as 240.  These are the proposed buckets: sw240dp, sw280dp, sw320dp, sw360dp, sw400dp  

Tablet isn't as size restricted so these calculations will only concentrate on mobile.  For each bucket I assume we will want two columns in portrait mode.  For each bucket I work out the required tab preview width by subtracting from the smallest width the edge padding, desired middle column separation and two lots of two highlight border widths.

  (screen dimension - (2 * side padding) - desired middle column separation) / number of columns - (2 * highlight border width)

For example, for a sw320dp device with side and centre paddings of 15dp, the calculation looks like this:

  (320 - (2 * 15) - 15) / 2 - (2 * 4) = 129

and we're using an aspect ratio of 0.74 so the width is 129dp and the height is 129*0.74 = 96dp

This seems to work well on all the devices I've tried it on so far.

To maximize the thumbnail size, I've adjusted the side and middle spacings to:
 - sw240dp & sw280dp: 12dp
 - sw320dp : 15dp
 - sw360dp : 18dp
 - sw400dp and above : 20dp

APK here to try out:
Assignee: mhaigh → s.kaspari
Assignee: s.kaspari → nobody
Blocks: tabs-tray-v3
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