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Console message not being shown with e10s


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e10s + ---


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- open a new tab
- open the dev tools console (ctrl shift K)
- go to

- error message "no element found        write:1:1" shows up in the console

- with e10s enabled, it doesn't show up there (nor does it in the browser console)
- when e10s is disabled, it does show up in the consoles (devtools + browser)

It's probably related to bug 1194710 (either a cause or a consequence), but I can't tell how. It'd be nice if a pair of devtools hacker's eyes could have a look at this.
I was able to reproduce 100% on nightly. Patric, who would be a good person to assign this bug to?
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Honestly I don't know, and I can't help with this issue.
Panos might know better.
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It seems that the XML parsing error that we get in single-process mode doesn't get to the ConsoleServiceListener in e10s mode. I've instrumented CSL_observe and it never gets called. The error message I believe is triggered in nsExpatDriver::HandleError (it's the only instance of "malformed-xml" that I see in the tree. 

I don't have time to investigate further right now, but we need to figure out if the error is being created and doesn't reach the console listener or not.
Blocks: dte10s
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Benjamin, is this still an issue? I don't see a "no element found        write:1:1" error message, with or without e10s. I tested FF 44 and 47.
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I've relaunched the server mentioned in comment 0, and it looks like this has been fixed at some point. Closing as worksforme, but I will let the server running a few days, in case somebody wants to bisect the fix.
Closed: 8 years ago
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Product: Firefox → DevTools
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