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Split out Zone selection from stats collection and malloc bytes reset


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I assume this was to save a few zone iterations, maybe? That doesn't quite explain it though: we have to select zones to GC before we init gcstats::AutoGCSlice so that it can count the GCing zones. On the other hand, we don't actually set up the zone barriers until much lower down in (anon)::AutoGCSlice. On the other hand, we *do* unschedule the zone's GC state at that level. Given that we schedule above the repeats and unschedule below, I'm not sure how we're ever able to shutdown without leaking the world, or trip every other assert in the GC for that matter.

Another "interesting" thing I noticed is that we resetMallocCounter on *every* zone when we clear malloc counters, not just the malloc counters for the zones that are collecting. This seems like it could lead to pathological behavior in some (admittedly unlikely) edge cases. I'll file another bug for that.

This passed some shell and browser tests locally, so let's try:
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Try is looking pretty green. This adds a couple |explict| that S found and moves the new Auto class to an anonymous namespace adjacent to other Auto classes we use in the same place.
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This is great.  I never noticed that the zone scheduling was entangled with calculating the zone stats like that.
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