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Ejecting USB does not toggle USB/MTP option over to MTP



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3 years ago
2 years ago


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3 years ago
AFT won't work if the phone is set to USB storage, whether or not there's an SD card in there.

When you take out the SD card, that dialog  stays set to "USB storage", even though USB storage does nothing in that context.

If I have an SD card in, and it's set to USB storage, I can see the contents on the USB card. But: if I unmount the SD card, it _doesn't_ change it back from USB storage to MTP, and so AFT doesn't work and I can't see anything that's on the phone.

Bug 1171553 notes correctly that discovering this USB/MTP toggle option exists is basically impossible, so it's difficult to get the phone out of the (non-working, non-discoverable) configuration.
Which phone was this observed on?

What's AFT? Android File Transfer?

Android File Transfer only works when the phone is in MTP mode (and not when its UMS or USB Mass Storage mode).

As far as I'm aware, the phone doesn't know that you've ejected it on the desktop when using USB Mass Storage, but it does know when you use MTP.

When you say "unmount the SD card" what exactly do you mean?

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2 years ago
This was on the Z3C. AFT is Android File Transfer, yes. By "unmount the SD card" I mean eject the SD card via FirefoxOS.

Unfortunately, I think I'm going to close this one incomplete. It's possibly my own misunderstanding and I've since reflashed this phone to use B2GDdroid, so I can't verify anything further.
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