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URL constructor loses path for about: protocol


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Steps to reproduce:


Actual results:

The path "blank" is lost.

URL { href: "about:blank", origin: "null", protocol: "about:", username: "", password: "", host: "", hostname: "", port: "", pathname: "", search: "" }

Expected results:

URL { href: "about:blank", origin: "null", protocol: "about:", username: "", password: "", host: "", hostname: "", port: "", pathname: "blank", search: "" }

See rfc3986 - "3. Syntax Components".
Or rfc1738 - "2.1. The main parts of URLs"
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Component: Location Bar → JavaScript: Standard Library
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Sergey, the Core::JavaScript component is reserved for basic features of the JavaScript language (objects, arrays, strings, global names, etc.) as defined in the ES262 definition. The URL object doesn't fall under this specification, so it's probably related to another component. Tentatively moving back to Location Bar, as Loic did.
Component: JavaScript: Standard Library → Location Bar
Product: Core → Firefox
URL() constructor is DOM.  Its unclear to me how "about:blank" is spec'd in regards to path.
Component: Location Bar → DOM
Product: Firefox → Core
Comment 0 is correct per the URL Standard.
Ever confirmed: true
The pathname getter in URL.cpp looks like this:

422   aPathname.Truncate();
424   nsCOMPtr<nsIURL> url(do_QueryInterface(mURI));
425   if (!url) {
426     // Do not throw!  Not having a valid URI or URL should result in an empty
427     // string.
428     return;
429   }
431   nsAutoCString file;
432   nsresult rv = url->GetFilePath(file);


about:blank is not nsIURL, so the early return is taken.  Sounds like all we want to do is for non-nsIURL things return the GetPath of the nsIURI, no?
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Gtk-WARNING **: Error loading theme icon 'folder' for stock: Unrecognized image file format

this seems to break moz-icon:// urls.
Seems pretty unlikely.
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> this seems to break moz-icon:// urls.

Can you write a test or tell me how to reproduce this issue?
With linux and yesterday's nightly, when opening the history sidebar, for example, and viewing by date and site, the folder icon shows a broken page instead.  First noticed with an update and build of Thunderbird 2 days ago, while the same from 3 days ago was fine. This bug seemed most suspicious in a cursory scan of checkins in that range.
What is the checkin range you were looking at?
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Are you sure that's the right range?  What are the actual mozilla-central changeset ids for the working and non-working thing?

(We should probably move this discussion to a separate bug, since I'm 99% sure your problem has nothing to do with this bug.)
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No longer blocks: 1205741
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