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Expected, normal view

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Steps to reproduce:

I haven't been able to find a concise test case other than just keeping developer tools open (possibly having it open in several tabs is a contributing factor?) open for a substantial period of time while making updates, reloading the page, normal developer use. I frequently (and across multiple computers and Firefox versions, have seen this for more than a year and still see it in FF40) have the DOM (tree) view of the inspector disappear. I still see the breadcrumbs view.

Things which do not bring back the DOM view:

* Switching tools in the developer tools
* Moving around elements in the breadcrumbs header
* Right-click (ctrl-click) on element in page and choose "Inspect Element"
* Using the element picker tool to choose an element to inspect

Note: all of these work fine, they just don't restore the missing view.

What does seem to work at least most of the time (I think I remember this not working in older versions, but haven't experienced it lately):

* Close developer tools, re-open.

Actual results:

DOM view vanishes, stubbornly won't come back (see screenshots).

Expected results:

I should keep being about to work with the DOM view even if I keep Developer Tools open for a long time.

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Vanished DOM view
Component: Developer Tools → Developer Tools: Inspector
Product: Developer Documentation → Firefox
Bug triage (filter on CLIMBING SHOES).
Triaging as a P3 because there doesn't seem to be simple steps to reproduce.
I haven't seen bugs about the markup-view being empty in a long time. The only one that comes to mind is bug 1027055 which is related to built-in error pages. Whenever one of those pages is encountered, the markup-view hits an error and gets empty.
Priority: -- → P3


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Product: Firefox → DevTools
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