Tooltips in Inspector ruleview and Netmonitor display "Could not load the image" until the loading of tooltip is ended (~0.1s)



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STR:   (Win7_64, Nightly 43, 32bit, ID 20150909030223, new profile, safe mode)
1. Open this "data:" url or click URL in the form above
>   data:text/html,<div><style>div{outline:3px dashed red;background-image: url("");width: 368.4px;height: 98px;}
2. Open devtools, inspect <div> element, open ruleview
3. Hover mouse over url in background value
1. Copy the following image link (or any image link in the internet)
2. Open new tab, open Netmonitor (Ctrl+Shift+Q)
3. Paste the link from Step 1 into urlbar, press Enter
4. Hover mouse over image icon in the only entry in Netmonitor

Result:       For about 0.1 second tooltip displays "Could not load the image"
              instead of image dimentions, and that causes blinking sometimes.

I noticed that tooltips in ruleview display "Couldn't load" instead of image size only if url is base64; tooltips in Netmonitor display "Couldn't load" in 100% of cases (all images there are normal images). While inspector displays image dimentions for both normal and "data:..." images.

Expectations: Tooltip shouldn't display "Couldn't load" until it gets exact image data OR
              ensures that image couldn't be loaded.

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3 years ago
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div background = data image.html

Also, you can use this page for testing. Inspect <div> and hover mouse over background url in ruleview - it takes long time to load that image, and I see "Couldn't load" for ~3 seconds


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Product: Firefox → DevTools
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