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There's no way to determine whether I should press Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down to set the desired search engine as default one


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STR:   (Win7_64, Nightly 43, 32bit, ID 20150910030225, new profile, safe mode)
1. Click textarea in the searchbar
2. Press Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down several times to change the default engine
  [just make sure you don't remember the whole list precisely]
3. Press Ctrl+T to open new tab page (so that you couldn't observe the list on about:preferences)
4. Click the magnifier dropmarker in the searchbar to open "one off buttons" list
5. Try to determine, when shortcut should you use to set a search engine in the middle of "one off buttons" list as a default seatch

Result:       Currently there's no way to do that. I often press Ctrl+Up when I'm supposed to
              press Ctrl+Down several times and vice-versa
Expectations: There should be a way to determine the direction and avoid unnecessary actions
I actually think that 1109851 would fix this (and some more issues), but only if it won't be marked as Wontfix (it looks like an enhancement of brand new searchbar, which in turn has many regressions).
If it *will* maked as Wontfix, then all other issues including this one will still be valid.
Depends on: 1109851
I remember having a discussion with UX about whether Ctrl+up/down should cycle through the whole list of engines, or only the list of engines that are shown as one-off engines. We decided to use the whole list, so that users who dislike the one-off features and unchecked all engines there can still use ctrl+up/down (and have a behavior close to the one of the old searchbar).

I agree that not seeing the list of engines you are cycling through is suboptimal. However I would expect most users using ctrl+up/down to not have more than a dozen engines, so cycling quickly through the whole list until the desired engine appears should be possible. I don't know what a good solution would be here.
(In reply to Florian Quèze [:florian] [:flo] from comment #2)
> so cycling quickly through the whole list until the desired engine appears should be possible
Dozen or not dozen - it will result in 2 extra pressing the hotkey, if you've mistaken. 3 engines is enough to reproduce this. Fx is bundled with ~7 engines.
> I don't know what a good solution would be here.
I bet you know. Bug 1109851 (with clear representation of what engine is currently set as default).
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Could probably be fixed fixing bug 1469787.
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