Dropdowns shouldn't use Alt+Down key to show




17 years ago
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17 years ago
Currently, the macintosh build, like all other builds, uses Alt+Down in order to
show/hide the contents of the list box.  On the Mac, shouldn't we be using the
Command key rather than the Alt key?  Is Cmd+Down being used elsewhere?
-> Keyboard navigation
Assignee: rods → aaronl
Component: HTML Form Controls → Keyboard Navigation
QA Contact: madhur → sairuh
just to be clear, is this for xul menulists, html selection lists or both?

fwiw, bryner is working on form controls...and iirc, html selection lists should
then behave like xul menulists --ie, both the down arrow and alt+down should
*dropdown* the list. not sure what the *collapse* shortcuts ought to be, though:
both escape and alt+down seem to work for both, but what should be expected

to bryner for the nonce...
Assignee: aaronl → bryner
Yeah, on menulists and XBL select dropdowns, down-arrow will open the list,
whether it's used with a modifier or not.  Is this ok?

Comment 5

17 years ago
Will XBL dropdowns become the standard?  For example, the OS dropdown at the top
of the page still uses Alt+Down.  Will this become an XBL control in the future?
Assignee: bryner → nobody
QA Contact: bugzilla → keyboard.navigation
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