Check for entry_point as well as manifestURL in wait_to_be_displayed/wait_to_not_be_displayed



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The Phone and Contacts app both have the same manifestURL, e.g. app://

That means that wait_to_be_displayed/wait_to_not_be_displayed are not working well in that case, because that only checks for manifestURL, which means that either the Phone or Contacts app can be displayed.
The check should include the entry_point for the app object, if it's there.
But I don't think that's currently in the GaiaApps.getDisplayedApp in gaia_apps.js, so it would need to be added there, as well, in some way.

I guess if bug 1135340 gets fixed, then this isn't needed anymore.
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window.Service.query('getTopMostWindow') in the system app returns a whole bunch, but I don't see anything with entryPoint in it.
It looks like the .manifest.launch_path:"/dialer/index.html#keyboard-view" is what we need.
For contacts, it's: launch_path:"/contacts/index.html"
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So something like this, I think.
Please ignore the console.log calls for now, I'll remove those.
I didn't fix this for installed_apps and running_apps for now, it's not really needed for here, really.
The thing in tap_done in also could use improvement, but I'll leave that for now as well.
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I'm not sure the case where an app has no entry point is correctly handled (see comments in PR), but that's the way to go, I believe.
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Ok, updated the pull request, removed the prints/console.logs and added one check, so it works for browser too.
Regarding your comment in the pull request, I don't think we need the extra null check for entryPoint, because we also pass null when entryPoint doesn't exist, see:
308         app.launch(entryPoint || null);
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Looks fine to me. There is one small nit I noticed while running adb logcat. It's not blocker though.

I tested with Gallery (no entry point), Dialer and Conctacts, they were lunching fine and the logs (once corrected) looked coherent.
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The template strings are great. They are correctly displayed in the logcat. Thanks for the link you gave me on IRC
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