Download `android` util dependencies directly to avoid bustage with changes to util




4 years ago
4 years ago


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<mcomella> nalexander: I was talking to liuche and I had an idea – you know how the `android` util breaks all the time? Assuming google doesn't move their old files (which I don't think they have), we can download all of the dependencies via the urls rather than struggling to keep up with google's changes with the utility

06:57 <nalexander> mcomella: re: `android` util, two thoughts:
06:57 <nalexander> mcomella: first, there is a licensing and distribution issue.  The util handles agreeing to licenses.
06:58 <nalexander> mcomella: second, my hope is to use a different utility for this eventually:
06:58 <nalexander> mcomella: that code is more likely to work long term than our own.  It's a little tricky 'cuz it doesn't work with our funky Gradle config, but I think we can make it happen.
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