Presentation of review makes it very unclear which issues are still to be worked on



3 years ago
2 years ago


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There's a little list at the top of open issues, but once you go to an issue or scroll down past that or something, it's very hard to find the actual actionable items amongst all the noise of issues that have already been resolved, and records of pushes, and so on.

In general I don't think the time-based list of changes makes sense for a review. What I'd like to see at the top is a) an indication of *what* has been reviewed (i.e. which pushes/files); this is a different bug and b) (this bug) what changes *I* need to make.

With both these changes, the review might look something like:

[header information about the commit and so on]

75% reviewed
Revision 1: 100%
Revision 2: 50%

2 open issues (hide)

  You can't spell "typo"

  Nuclear launch codes shouldn't be sent in plain text

17 resolved issues (show)


2 years ago
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