Etherpad always doesn't work after an upgrade and is trying to continuously reestablishing the connection




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3 years ago
I have seen this problem for a while now but never was able to get some decent STR. But as of today when I upgraded Firefox, Etherpad stopped working after more than a week. During that time I haven't upgraded Firefox at all.

The failure of Etherpad starts after a couple of seconds. By then I nearly constantly see the "Reestablishing connection" box. Reloading the page and even cleaning the cache does not help at all. The only thing which seems to make this problem go away is an additional restart of Firefox.

1. Set the homepage to keep the tabs from the last session
2. Open a team etherpad like (it may have to be not public)
3. Upgrade Firefox and let it restart
4. The page should be reloaded from the last session
5. Try to continue editing
6. Close and start Firefox again.

When I do the steps above and end-up with step 5, etherpad stops working after a couple of seconds by always loosing the connection. With step 6 I always get it back working.
You marked this with "35 branch", was that intentional? Just thinking as you're talking about upgrading it gives me the sense you're using something newer (as well) ?

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3 years ago
Sorry, looks like Bugzilla was trying to guess and failed. It's definitely happen with latest Aurora builds.
Version: 35 Branch → 42 Branch

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3 years ago
To add this problem doesn't happen when I restart Firefox via e.g. the restartless extension. It's only present when upgrading Firefox.
I'm on nightly on Linux (Debian unstable) and with exactly that etherpad URL you showed in a tab, I checked carefully when I upgraded and restarted. I spotted no problem. Not dismissing your problem, just suggesting that there might be more factors involved. Will look further.

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3 years ago
I have no longer seen this problem with the new Etherpad light solution. So I think we can close out this bug. Daniel, thank you for trying to investigate!
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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