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Implement Shadow DOM v1 (slots)




2 years ago
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2 years ago
Alias: shadowdom

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2 years ago
Thanks for starting this :)

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2 years ago
FYI, here's our tests: https://github.com/w3c/web-platform-tests/pull/2169
Keywords: dev-doc-needed

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2 years ago
Can we get an update from the DOM team on the progress here?
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William told me he's progressing on this but recently he's been helping with some more urgent Push bugs.  William, do you have more detail to add?
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2 years ago
Blocks: 1233594
Blocks: 1245142
FYI, William told me he's getting close to a set of reviewable patches here.
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Blocks: 1244947
Blocks: 1250793
Blocks: 1253336
Blocks: 1257770
Blocks: 992249
Depends on: 1281983
Depends on: 1308080


5 months ago
Blocks: 802882

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2 months ago
(In reply to Andrew Overholt [:overholt] from comment #5)
> FYI, William told me he's getting close to a set of reviewable patches here.

How close?
Sorry, work has been put on hold here due to other priorities. We're hoping to pick it up again soon.
Depends on: 992245
Depends on: 1026714
Depends on: 1159768
Assignee: wchen → nobody
Keywords: meta
Priority: -- → P3

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6 days ago
Hey guys, any estimates? Would it be possible to finish that by the end of the year?

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6 days ago
1. I suggest reading https://notapattern.net/2014/10/14/ways-men-in-tech-are-unintentionally-sexist/

2. That seems unlikely, but that will be around the time we might start working on this again.

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6 days ago
1. "Guys" is gender-neutral form. Also note that in the above thread, there are no females posting, so I may be addressing just the people above.

2. Any ideas how much could it take? I'm asking as it would help me to plan my project. If there is no estimate, tough luck, I'll live with that.

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6 days ago
Please read the article, it's not. And no estimates.
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Hi, everyone - 

Mike Hoye here, Mozilla’s engineering community manager.

Mozilla’s position on inclusivity is detailed in our Community Participation Guidelines, and applies to all Mozilla forums and spaces, including Bugzilla. You can read it here:


It specifically addresses the use of gendered language, and asks all participants in the Mozilla project to be deliberate in our choice of language and communication style. The intention is not only that the Mozilla project be welcoming and inclusive today, but that future participants aren’t driven away by a bad first impression from the tone or content of long-closed bugs.

As well, participation in Bugzilla itself should respect the Bugzilla Etiquette and Contributor guidelines, that you can find here:


I encourage all of you to read both of those documents and take them to heart. If, having done so, you have a contribution to make that can move this bug forward please feel free to add it. If you continue to use this forum to vent your displeasure about our community policies, my next action will be to lock this bug and suspend your accounts.

Feel free to email me directly if you'd like to discuss this further, and have a good day.

For us developers, it would be important to hear that Mozilla is committed to implement the Web Components V1 standards in the near future. I understand that you cannot tell an exact date. But when you write that you (Mozilla) "might" start working on this again by the end of the year, that's not very promising.

Shadow Dom is an important part of the Web Components technology and the polyfill has too many problems and is too slow.

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5 days ago
To be clear, we want to get custom elements and shadow trees done. They're on the roadmap and they're also planned because they'll help us replace internal usage of XUL and XBL down the line. It's just not possible to give an accurate timeline at this point.

Comment 19

2 days ago
@Anne: Can you shed any light on how Mozilla views Shadow DOM in terms of priority? Is it currently high priority (as it is for Edge) or are there other features that take precedence?
(In reply to dan.chilton from comment #19)
> @Anne: Can you shed any light on how Mozilla views Shadow DOM in terms of
> priority? Is it currently high priority (as it is for Edge) or are there
> other features that take precedence?

I'm sure you'll understand, but that's a very difficult question to answer and I don't think we can say anything more useful than "watch for patches here" :)

Comment 21

2 days ago
I do understand, and appreciate the transparency. Thanks!
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