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Disable Firefox Accounts in Guest Mode and in a Restricted profile


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Right now, we don't stop the user creating a Firefox Account when they're in Guest or Restricted mode: if they can launch the appropriate native activity, they can arrange to have an Android Account pointing at the 'default' (non-Guest) profile.  I think we hide the Sync setting in Guest preferences, so the cow-path is not easy to find, and this probably happens infrequently.

As we move the FxA sign up flow onto the web, Fennec and Gecko need to actually run to complete the flow.  We need to anticipate these entry points.

There are two technical interventions here:

1) don't register the FxAccountsWebChannel landed in Bug 1191064 at all.  This means that an account should never be created if one doesn't exist.  (And an existing one can't be updated or controlled.)

2) make about:accounts refuse to load the fxa-content-server (as if the browser was not connected to the Internet) and display a "restricted profile" warning on all access.  If an account exists, and the user manages to start interacting with it, this should stop any actual change occurring.

This doesn't have to be in place on day one for FxA web sign in to be toggled on.
Bug 1205334 - Part 1: Don't register FxA WebChannel or listen for Accounts:* messages when restricted. r?sebastian
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Bug 1205334 - Part 2: Show an error message in about:accounts when restricted. r?sebastian
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antlam: please OK the following screen, shown in the unlikely event that a restricted profile ends up at about:accounts.

It's unlikely because the Sync option is removed from Preferences; but there are lots of ways to potentially get in, like: tapping on an old Sync notification after entering Guest mode, etc.  If you want copy changes, now is the time.
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