display an indicator when review/needinfo requests are blocked




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3 years ago
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3 years ago
(Broken out from bug 1189500 comment 2)

I sometimes forget to turn off the "block requests" feature after being on PTO.

By having the ability to state a date when it auto-turned off, it would reduce the effort to use the feature, and might be part of the way to helping people avoid the "sense of being overloaded" seen in bug 1189500 and elsewhere.

This date could also be displayed next to the message added in bug 1205656, and would make it seem much less "rude" to those who encounter people who've blocked requests, which may make it more socially acceptable for devs to use the block requests feature.
while i see the need for this, i don't agree with the proposed solution of setting an expiry date.
instead we should simply display an indicator in the header when requests are blocked.
Component: Extensions: Review → User Interface
Summary: Allow users to specify a date when the "Block review/needinfo requests" feature turns itself off → display an indicator when review/needinfo requests are blocked

Comment 2

3 years ago
Yeah that works too :-)
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